Friday, July 18, 2008

' What's your Style? '

"Style is central to subcultural identity, and clothing and body adornment are the most visible emblems of membership signifying loyalty to kindred spirits and exclusion to the world at large".

Design and style your brand of streetwear - the identity, the logo, the range, the fabrics, the shop, the fashion shoot and more... but first tell us in three hundred words what makes your brand stand out from the rest.
Who, where and what are you designing for?
What's the season, gender, age of target market, geographical distribution etc.?
Is there a subcultural influence eg. Surf, skate, techno, gothic, punk, indigenous, ethnic, sporting?
Are your target audience socially, pollitically or environmentally aware or indifferent?
Where would the streetwear be worn? eg.sporting, beach, club, pub, skateboard, formal occassion, etc
How would they wear it? e.g. style, attitude, gestures, poses, etc
Define the products in the range, the fabrics, the patterns, imagery and image promoted.
Describe the interior of the retail outlet the atmosphere, the surface treatment and the spatial layout
Over the coming weeks you will developing a name and a signature for the product.
Start brainstorming now to select an original and appropriate brand name for range. List at least twenty options to start with.

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