Monday, July 28, 2008

Bek's street wear label

This street wear style is for an alternative, individual market or for those who are daring to be
different.With a unique twist between
Gypsy, Hippie, Punk, Rock
this brand has a style all of it's own.
not only is this extremely different but also opts for a larger more open market by creating ranges for different subcultures and options to mix it up.

Quirky and bold Political and environmental statements are featured on various items.

The jeans all have trendy cuts, seems, lace, beads, embroidery, ties, prints, washes,
painted embellishments etc.The same for the women's denim
skirts and shorts.
Nicely cut short tartan skirts, as well as soft cute and flowing
hippie and gypsy skirts both long and short.

Lots of different dresses 
ranging from simple cuts, different cuts, lots of straps and ties, no patterns, prints, and like the jeans trendy cuts, seems,lace beads etc.long flowing dress, halter neck, strapless, crochet and knitted dresses, as well as knitted and crochet tops and jackets(coats).lots of materials and.

Plenty of funky and unique jewellery and accessories, all different belts chunky, dainty, studded, beaded, weaved etc.Scarfs crochet, knitted, wispy gypsy and hippie, lots of beautiful silks.Earrings, bracelets, bangles, arm bands, wrist bands, necklaces chains, hats, beanies, bandannas all combining between Gypsy, Hippie, Punk, Rock.

The shop will be mostly blacks, reds, whites and metals maybe brick fitted somewhere for punk, rock feel.Lots of mirrors built and fitted into walls and sections.Stone, terrazzo or tiled floors.Feature lights and a waterfall wall (or other feature)
behind the counter maybe with lights displaying the street wear and shop name.Central doorway with window displays on either side (featuring comical and interesting displays) open spaced shop with racks and sections up along each side of the walls a
counter up the back and separate boys and girls change rooms behind and to either side.
Punk and rock music played but not to loud.

Some names I've come up with are...
Zero Gravity                     Eclipse
Sacred                              Sacristy
Scatteration                      Viability
Unbind                            Unbidden
Rogue                              Wizz Fizz
Tympanic                              Spunk
   Uniquity                                Zephyr
      Urban Oasis                        Addiction
Inertia                 Suburbon Aniky 
                                          Silhouette         Ambience

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