Wednesday, August 20, 2008


A contemporary style of clothing that is good looking, relaxed and very casual. Designs will include ranges of simple pants and skirts, fitted t-shirts supporting surreal images from nature and hand made, colourful jewellery pieces. 

Monday, August 18, 2008


...B U S Y ... W O M E N... Are "Who and What", I'm designing for.
Where ?... Metropolitan centers at first with a hoped for trickle down effect to smaller communities as the brand "takes hold"
Season ?... Evergreen.
Gender ?... Feminine, although it is envisioned that certain products in store will be unisexual
Age ?... 18 - 45 and beyond
Geographical Distribution ? ... Western ( at first )
Subcultural Influence ?...

Industrial Srength De Stijl


Enviro/ Politico/ Socially Aware... Non Militant
The street wear will be smart cas, work a day into early evening and with promotional push, pithy advertising, and attention to quality and "lastingness"( a much neglected and sorely missed design feature in the 'modern' world ) hopefully impart a certain "Creme de la Creme" feeling of self satisfaction amongst the swelling throngs of aficionados.
It is hoped that with it's light, fun, tongue in cheek, nostalgic yet modern look and feel the brand's clients will project and identify with an aura of 'non threatening intelligentsia'.


Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Glamorous, vintage, silk, beaded, limited edition garments, are what are associated with Velvet Vixen.

My street wear label is going to be targeted at ages 18 to 35, it can be worn for formal occasions, office wear and stylish day wear.
The clothes are going to be a mix of vintage pieces and fabrics made into modern day styles, there will also be new designs made out of expensive silks, satin, wool, beads, laces, sequins. Patterns and prints also a play big part.
The main focus of the fashion in Velvet Vixen is going to be the fabrics, they are unique and colourful.
The shop will be located in a up market, busy area on a corner block so it has plenty of window display. The interior will be a old world / vintage theme, with huge chandeliers and fluffy rugs. The walls will be covered in wallpaper that is either black patterns or neutral colours.
The clothing racks will be hanging from the ceiling and the change rooms will be in the back corners with strings of pearl beads hanging as the curtains. I would like to have the change rooms as a large circle free standing in the middle with 4 change rooms and double sided mirrors as the dividers, but I think it would made the shop look a bit full. There will be a big old antique lounge to rest on as well. The accessories will be shoes, jewellery and scarfs which will be displayed in an old dressing table. I would also like to have lingerie
Some names that I am considering are:
Velvet Vixen, Missy Button, Madame V, Velvet Vamps, , Lola & Moxie V & V, Isadora spangle, Madame,