Wednesday, August 20, 2008


A contemporary style of clothing that is good looking, relaxed and very casual. Designs will include ranges of simple pants and skirts, fitted t-shirts supporting surreal images from nature and hand made, colourful jewellery pieces. 

Monday, August 18, 2008


...B U S Y ... W O M E N... Are "Who and What", I'm designing for.
Where ?... Metropolitan centers at first with a hoped for trickle down effect to smaller communities as the brand "takes hold"
Season ?... Evergreen.
Gender ?... Feminine, although it is envisioned that certain products in store will be unisexual
Age ?... 18 - 45 and beyond
Geographical Distribution ? ... Western ( at first )
Subcultural Influence ?...

Industrial Srength De Stijl


Enviro/ Politico/ Socially Aware... Non Militant
The street wear will be smart cas, work a day into early evening and with promotional push, pithy advertising, and attention to quality and "lastingness"( a much neglected and sorely missed design feature in the 'modern' world ) hopefully impart a certain "Creme de la Creme" feeling of self satisfaction amongst the swelling throngs of aficionados.
It is hoped that with it's light, fun, tongue in cheek, nostalgic yet modern look and feel the brand's clients will project and identify with an aura of 'non threatening intelligentsia'.


Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Glamorous, vintage, silk, beaded, limited edition garments, are what are associated with Velvet Vixen.

My street wear label is going to be targeted at ages 18 to 35, it can be worn for formal occasions, office wear and stylish day wear.
The clothes are going to be a mix of vintage pieces and fabrics made into modern day styles, there will also be new designs made out of expensive silks, satin, wool, beads, laces, sequins. Patterns and prints also a play big part.
The main focus of the fashion in Velvet Vixen is going to be the fabrics, they are unique and colourful.
The shop will be located in a up market, busy area on a corner block so it has plenty of window display. The interior will be a old world / vintage theme, with huge chandeliers and fluffy rugs. The walls will be covered in wallpaper that is either black patterns or neutral colours.
The clothing racks will be hanging from the ceiling and the change rooms will be in the back corners with strings of pearl beads hanging as the curtains. I would like to have the change rooms as a large circle free standing in the middle with 4 change rooms and double sided mirrors as the dividers, but I think it would made the shop look a bit full. There will be a big old antique lounge to rest on as well. The accessories will be shoes, jewellery and scarfs which will be displayed in an old dressing table. I would also like to have lingerie
Some names that I am considering are:
Velvet Vixen, Missy Button, Madame V, Velvet Vamps, , Lola & Moxie V & V, Isadora spangle, Madame,

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Brianna - Street wear style

Girls that what highly fashionable clothing with style and good quality. Creative designs that give them a unique look but that will still be classic pieces in your wardrobe. Use of great and different fabrics, textures, trim and mediums for the designs. Limited amount of each item making exclusive. Some one off hand printed, beaded etc. Winter range – Jeans, denim jackets, well cut tailored trousers and jackets, polo neck + long sleeve Ts with prints, little black dresses and clubby or party dresses, cute top. Lots of accessories. Sizes 6 – 14.

Age: 20 – 35 bracket
Sex: Female

Style: Upmarket, stylish fashion, conches for day to night club wear. Cool, trendy with a feminine side. Mixing smart casual with glitz and glam.

Big on jeans and denim – trim, embellishments, diamantes, prints
Hoodies – prints and patterns
Buttons and zipper have small logos on them but the logo if put on the clothing only ever small and discreet..
Shoes – Boots, high heels, sandals with jewels, beads etc and ballet slippers.
Accessories - belts, jewellery, bags, scalfs hat, sunnies.

Some names - Honey jumbles, pink lipstick, lipgloss, Red lipstick, big kisses, big XXX, wardrobe, full wardrobe, full closet zip up boots, zip me up, zipped up, nothing 2 wear, in the mirror, high heels, look in the mirror, my wardrobe, my closet, open wardrobe, what's in the wardrobe/closet, look in, what 2 wear?, does my bum look big in this, rainbow connection.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Faegen (Joyful)/ Fadilah (Virtue)

Ideally, I shall design for a market and environment that I know best. Without conducting market research, I have no idea what an older male or female would be interested in wearing.

I intend to design for females of an age group from 18 to 25 where there is room for some of the designs to appeal to an older age group of women. The target market should reside in a sub-tropical area, such as that of the Gold Coast or the country. If there was an opportunity for it, the brand could become globally distributed. However, I like the idea of limited edition pieces. The clothing and accessories would be designed as a casual range influenced by rock fashion such as that of Hollywood stars ‘The Veronicas’ and artists such as; Mars 1, Damon Soule, Jeremyville. Personally, I take inspiration from subcultures such as; punk, hippy and grunge. The clothing should be fun, 'bubbly', 'quirky' and create an overall sense of creativity and confidence.

The range of clothing would be designed to express a unique style with comfort and an overall look of laid back punk fashion. The clothes would be suitable for everyday wear, whether it be going out to see your local bands or simply relaxing at home. T-shirts, singlets and dresses would sport many images from nature such as; mushrooms, bonsai tree, birds, foxes, flowers. Worn with confident and relaxed gestures in a calm environment, the street wear range should be promoted in a store reflecting this. The shop should create a calm atmosphere so as to not overwhelm the shopper. This can be achieved with modern finishes such as polished concrete floors, warm wooden shelves and subtle lighting backed with an overall colour palette of blacks, white, brown, grey and dark colours. The floor plan should be spacious enough to move around in, yet private for those shy shoppers. Several couches should be placed around the store for those wishing to relax.

I propose to have some or all of the products, whether it is the clothing or the accessories, hand made. Although slightly more expensive, hand made products appeal to a more creative audience due to the processes used to create the finished products. The buyer is indeed getting more for their money, rather than paying $60 for a loosely hemmed shirt teamed with a well known brand. The fabrics should be relatively environmentally friendly, which in turn is healthier on the body to wear. I will chose not to use synthetic fabrics such as polyester but more cottons and cotton mixes. I take inspiration for this from the local swimwear brand Wicked Weasel. Their company hand sews all their products in a factory outlet in Byron Bay with excellent working conditions. I believe in supporting positive work practices, which in turn create quality pieces that will ‘stand the test of time’.

I haven’t pinned a name yet, but I’ve brainstormed a few;
Bantu, Fang, Fen (Fen Orchid), Fecund (the ability to produce abundantly, ‘productive’ ‘fertile’), Savour, Faegen (Joyful), Hadiya (gift), Fadilah (virtue), Cherry Tree

Here's some links;
(I espically like his colour palettes)

I can easily enough explain my shop layout idea. With 48m^2 for a whole shop, with no limit on budget and no description on how much stock should be able to fit in the shop, I've drafted some easy couch space. I found some inspiration for this from sites such as;

As for the shop layout, I selected and evaluated three different types of doors (auto-matic, saloon and revolving) before choosing to use a set of glass, auto-matic sliding doors. These door should open at the centre-front of the store, giving the shop the dimensions of 5940mmx84oomm.

I have chosen to use these doors as they take up minimal space of the floor space of the shop. The doors close up after shoppers enter, allowing for the inside of the shop to cut off the outside world and create a completely different environment inside.

The doors are big enough for several shoppers to pass through comfortably at once with hands full of bags.

Due to the doors being glass, there is plenty of space and opportunity for window displays. Having once secure exit means the doors may be watched easily for shop lifters. Also, a 'buzzer' may be fixed to the top, so only one or two workers are necessary at once.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Bek's street wear label

This street wear style is for an alternative, individual market or for those who are daring to be
different.With a unique twist between
Gypsy, Hippie, Punk, Rock
this brand has a style all of it's own.
not only is this extremely different but also opts for a larger more open market by creating ranges for different subcultures and options to mix it up.

Quirky and bold Political and environmental statements are featured on various items.

The jeans all have trendy cuts, seems, lace, beads, embroidery, ties, prints, washes,
painted embellishments etc.The same for the women's denim
skirts and shorts.
Nicely cut short tartan skirts, as well as soft cute and flowing
hippie and gypsy skirts both long and short.

Lots of different dresses 
ranging from simple cuts, different cuts, lots of straps and ties, no patterns, prints, and like the jeans trendy cuts, seems,lace beads etc.long flowing dress, halter neck, strapless, crochet and knitted dresses, as well as knitted and crochet tops and jackets(coats).lots of materials and.

Plenty of funky and unique jewellery and accessories, all different belts chunky, dainty, studded, beaded, weaved etc.Scarfs crochet, knitted, wispy gypsy and hippie, lots of beautiful silks.Earrings, bracelets, bangles, arm bands, wrist bands, necklaces chains, hats, beanies, bandannas all combining between Gypsy, Hippie, Punk, Rock.

The shop will be mostly blacks, reds, whites and metals maybe brick fitted somewhere for punk, rock feel.Lots of mirrors built and fitted into walls and sections.Stone, terrazzo or tiled floors.Feature lights and a waterfall wall (or other feature)
behind the counter maybe with lights displaying the street wear and shop name.Central doorway with window displays on either side (featuring comical and interesting displays) open spaced shop with racks and sections up along each side of the walls a
counter up the back and separate boys and girls change rooms behind and to either side.
Punk and rock music played but not to loud.

Some names I've come up with are...
Zero Gravity                     Eclipse
Sacred                              Sacristy
Scatteration                      Viability
Unbind                            Unbidden
Rogue                              Wizz Fizz
Tympanic                              Spunk
   Uniquity                                Zephyr
      Urban Oasis                        Addiction
Inertia                 Suburbon Aniky 
                                          Silhouette         Ambience

Brokendolls streetwear

Brokendolls is a streetwear store that sells t-shirts and hoodies for men women and children. With quirky designs, being either a strage creature from outer space, maybe you like circus freaks and human oddities, or something more serious like your veiws on war, politics, animal cruelty.... etc . Either way your t-shirt shows your individual interests and point of veiw. At brokendolls i will cater for all sizes and shapes, everyones different and deserves a cool t-shirt. I want everyone too leave feeling good about themselves, and not to leave feeling like nothing fits. Another feature of my store being that if I dont have the print you want in the size or colour you want , simply order it and it will be done. Naturally I will be using all cotton t's and natural or waterbased paints and dye's.
I would like the interior of my store to have a 1950's rockerbilly look to it. Or my other choice would be to go for a more industrial space, with stressed cement floors and exposed pipes in the roof, maybe with an old car body hanging from the roof or as a counter. Car bodys leave a grate space for graffiti and such. A feature wall would be dedicated to featuring a local artist, either hanging canvases for sale or painted directly onto the wall to keep a fresh ever changing feel to the space.
Brokendolls will also sell accessories from Noak art, as their products are always changing and supporting local artist. Vinyl toys from kidrobot are a must as well.
And ofcourse the store would be as environmentaly sound as possible.
other buissness name ideas are..... Smack the jellyfish....(mmm workin on this one), or Pretty Tricky or just Tricky....

elliots good at parking wars

parking what ive got so far...i want my brand to be abit underground but seen to those who like my taste, yeah so not in every shop, more of a art clothing sort of thing... really try and expose alot of my drawings and art through it, in a few types of ways. . like mabie some ideas and drawings of creatures, broken house boxes, dress up characters, or angry scribbles, or just things that i go through that other people can relate too, and lay them out on shirts/jumpers/ cardigans/shoes/pants in some different ways compaired to other brands/designers. but still do some simple designs/prints the style of things ide like to do some cool long sleave jumpers with gloves attached to the hands or skeleton jumpsuits or just some weird shaped t's with art.... mainly guys fashion. but yeah ide like my brand to be like me and envolve things that i like. i think i like unusual things and hope with all my ideas and effort will stand out as elliots unique work...

the shop should be memorable, with a feature wall of curious , bizarre art!,and a neat layout of clothing racks in the shape of rectangles pointing towards the checkout. ide like about four not to large but large enough changing rooms, and a big mirror out side of them as well as the long mirrors inside each one. ide have a playlist of indie, alternative and experimental sort of bands to play melo in the backround.with all the clothing ide like a tag with my logo and a free poster of my art with my name brand at the last... the window ....rather than manaquins ill have creatures that ive made up, wearing my cloths in the window, and try and grab as much attention as i be different............. a couple names- tuff ghost , no news is good news , violent head, violence legs,curious, unconventional june...........still thinking

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Megan's Streetwear

Having four brothers, i know how many guys love to wear cool, unique shirts but find them hard to source or afford. Interesting male stores are rare and many surf store clothes have huge brand names splashed across the front which can be quite unappealing to some. So, i decided to create my streetwear label based on trendy male fashion that is simple, fun and affordable. It features playful t-shirts designed specifically for guys who are looking for modern and stylish clothes. The shirts are for casual wear and are adorned with quirky art prints, perfect to pair with board shorts by day and jeans by night. They will be basic shape tees with a few different necklines (v-neck, crew neck, etc) and fabrics will be cool and breathable, such as cotton, which suits the Australian climate well. Also, each month (or two?) there will be a new independent or small-scale artist featured and their works will be printed on line of limited edition t-shirts. This supports the local artistic community as well as building up a strong client base, as people will return to the store each month to get their new shirt.

The design on the shirts will be interesting, colourful and unique, drawing inspiration from the likes of Mambo, Ben Sherman and Volcom stone:

Age is no limit, so any guy interested in art can own these original shirts, and this will be made possible by my store being budget friendly - nothing over $50. This makes the items in my shop appealing and affordable to people such as students, who are often on a tight budget.
Also featured in my shop will be some accessories such as scarves and hats and possibly a rack of trendy male shoes by Sanuk (

My label will be sold in a store that is inviting to males, with a fun interior and a relaxed atmosphere. There will be cool music, surf videos, couches and a local "gig-guide" so it can be the perfect place to chill with mates.

I'm having a hard time choosing a name, here are some ideas but i'm still thinking (and i'm open to suggestions!)
Tee, Robo-metro, Green, Happy hour, Wear my shirt, Bait, 18 Holes, Banana

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Fiona's Street Wear


Audrey crazy's vintage dressing with the fabulousness of one part recycling plus posh designer revival.  It's a place where it's not uncommon to unearth an exquisite dance dress to wear with real seamed nylons or a quaint '40s day dress on each weekly forage.  It's once in a life time fabrics created into beautiful fashion.  It's chic, stylish and original.  The epitome of what we covet as gorgeous.  It's where uptown girls look comfortably cool downtown and where you can put your own spin onto iconic archetypes.  At Audrey Apple we say mix and clash your prints for interest....eclectic works best.  Simple shapes with lots of textures, patterns and prints.  It's also a place where you can offset sophisticated basics with quirky accessories.  It's where brass buttons and gilded bling become cool and chic.  Women who wear Audrey Apple have been blessed and bestowed with an innate sense of style that seems to be intrinsic.  Fabulous fashion should have no age limit.  Whether you are 18 or 88....timeless is for every lady.  The Audrey Apple store will be located on the beach front at currumbin in an old restored queenslander.  It has beautiful recycled timer floors and hanging has a big comfy chair and cow hide rug!!! Soft inviting music playing...i would love to have tables and chairs out the front (and an esspresso machine) so people can sit and enjoy...I think I'm going to run with the Audrey Apple name but here are some other ones that were floating around....Sally Says So/Lill & Rudy/Lills Locket/Altogether Audrey/Always Audrey/Daisy in a Season/Black a Miss/Lemonade Lill/Timpani/Audrey Star/Absolutely Audrey/Love Always Lill/Just Because/Lilac Lill/Bold that 20 yet!!!!!!!! 


I am designing my band of street wear for the ever increasing number of socially and ecologically conscious people.
All aspects of the clothing label and shop will be designed and manufactured to be environmentally sustainable and to use ethical work practices
 wherever possible (eg no sweat shop label, made in Australia, etc)
It will be aimed at an urban / inner city corporate / upmarket but with an 'alternative' and 'funky' (yes i used the word!!) edge. It will be targeted at a female market not specifically age specific, but in the workforce eg clothes you could wear to the office and be a little different or still get away with on the street.
The overall look of the clothing range will be semi formal / corporate / upmarket street wear using muted colours, eg black, greys, dark olive greens and blues.
The fabrics will all be made out of organic cotton, bamboo and hemp fibres.
There will be panels of fabric sewn on to the designs (similar to the images to the left) but

the panels of fabric would be made from hand printed
and painted fabrics, eg.turquoise, blue, green and yellow prints from found leaves, hand painted swirling patterns on fabrics, using different colours for different seasons >will upload pictures soon!< (eg. browns and ochres for autumn, cool greens and blues in spring) (i have given up on the idea of using second hand retro fabrics because it was very difficult to find the designs i actually wanted). There will also be hand sewn art nouveau style (swirling patterns, wavelike curls) thread designs featured on the clothing eg on the cuffs or up a pant leg, using a brighter colour thread to give the clothing an interesting look (eg a bright yellow and green thread featured on blue denim).

Other accessories featured in the shop will be computer laptop bags, using similar fabrics, briefcases, and handbags. Also a minimal amount of quality silver jewlery, sourced from either local jewlers or from the overseas programs to help bring 3rd world countries out of poverty. (eg. micro loan programs to help bring people out of poverty in 3rd world countries... Oxfams 'make poverty history' campaign..)

It will be an expensive and upmarket shop, the price indicitive of the quality of the product and the ethical nature of the business.

A manifesto will also be written on the wall of the shop and added to the swing tags to advertise the business objectives.

here is a sample of patterns and textures that will be added as feature fabric pannels... looks messy because they were drawn in lead pencil but would be crisper with colour added ... 

Some possible names so far are:

arctic cloud berry, cloudberries, violet sabrewing, skulk of foxes, ecogerm, butterfly rabble, cinnamon hummingbird, starthroat, SugarJam , Buried Tree, Tarnished Gold, Flooded Sky, urban wilderness,