Monday, July 28, 2008

Brokendolls streetwear

Brokendolls is a streetwear store that sells t-shirts and hoodies for men women and children. With quirky designs, being either a strage creature from outer space, maybe you like circus freaks and human oddities, or something more serious like your veiws on war, politics, animal cruelty.... etc . Either way your t-shirt shows your individual interests and point of veiw. At brokendolls i will cater for all sizes and shapes, everyones different and deserves a cool t-shirt. I want everyone too leave feeling good about themselves, and not to leave feeling like nothing fits. Another feature of my store being that if I dont have the print you want in the size or colour you want , simply order it and it will be done. Naturally I will be using all cotton t's and natural or waterbased paints and dye's.
I would like the interior of my store to have a 1950's rockerbilly look to it. Or my other choice would be to go for a more industrial space, with stressed cement floors and exposed pipes in the roof, maybe with an old car body hanging from the roof or as a counter. Car bodys leave a grate space for graffiti and such. A feature wall would be dedicated to featuring a local artist, either hanging canvases for sale or painted directly onto the wall to keep a fresh ever changing feel to the space.
Brokendolls will also sell accessories from Noak art, as their products are always changing and supporting local artist. Vinyl toys from kidrobot are a must as well.
And ofcourse the store would be as environmentaly sound as possible.
other buissness name ideas are..... Smack the jellyfish....(mmm workin on this one), or Pretty Tricky or just Tricky....

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