Sunday, July 27, 2008

Megan's Streetwear

Having four brothers, i know how many guys love to wear cool, unique shirts but find them hard to source or afford. Interesting male stores are rare and many surf store clothes have huge brand names splashed across the front which can be quite unappealing to some. So, i decided to create my streetwear label based on trendy male fashion that is simple, fun and affordable. It features playful t-shirts designed specifically for guys who are looking for modern and stylish clothes. The shirts are for casual wear and are adorned with quirky art prints, perfect to pair with board shorts by day and jeans by night. They will be basic shape tees with a few different necklines (v-neck, crew neck, etc) and fabrics will be cool and breathable, such as cotton, which suits the Australian climate well. Also, each month (or two?) there will be a new independent or small-scale artist featured and their works will be printed on line of limited edition t-shirts. This supports the local artistic community as well as building up a strong client base, as people will return to the store each month to get their new shirt.

The design on the shirts will be interesting, colourful and unique, drawing inspiration from the likes of Mambo, Ben Sherman and Volcom stone:

Age is no limit, so any guy interested in art can own these original shirts, and this will be made possible by my store being budget friendly - nothing over $50. This makes the items in my shop appealing and affordable to people such as students, who are often on a tight budget.
Also featured in my shop will be some accessories such as scarves and hats and possibly a rack of trendy male shoes by Sanuk (

My label will be sold in a store that is inviting to males, with a fun interior and a relaxed atmosphere. There will be cool music, surf videos, couches and a local "gig-guide" so it can be the perfect place to chill with mates.

I'm having a hard time choosing a name, here are some ideas but i'm still thinking (and i'm open to suggestions!)
Tee, Robo-metro, Green, Happy hour, Wear my shirt, Bait, 18 Holes, Banana

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