Thursday, July 24, 2008


I am designing my band of street wear for the ever increasing number of socially and ecologically conscious people.
All aspects of the clothing label and shop will be designed and manufactured to be environmentally sustainable and to use ethical work practices
 wherever possible (eg no sweat shop label, made in Australia, etc)
It will be aimed at an urban / inner city corporate / upmarket but with an 'alternative' and 'funky' (yes i used the word!!) edge. It will be targeted at a female market not specifically age specific, but in the workforce eg clothes you could wear to the office and be a little different or still get away with on the street.
The overall look of the clothing range will be semi formal / corporate / upmarket street wear using muted colours, eg black, greys, dark olive greens and blues.
The fabrics will all be made out of organic cotton, bamboo and hemp fibres.
There will be panels of fabric sewn on to the designs (similar to the images to the left) but

the panels of fabric would be made from hand printed
and painted fabrics, eg.turquoise, blue, green and yellow prints from found leaves, hand painted swirling patterns on fabrics, using different colours for different seasons >will upload pictures soon!< (eg. browns and ochres for autumn, cool greens and blues in spring) (i have given up on the idea of using second hand retro fabrics because it was very difficult to find the designs i actually wanted). There will also be hand sewn art nouveau style (swirling patterns, wavelike curls) thread designs featured on the clothing eg on the cuffs or up a pant leg, using a brighter colour thread to give the clothing an interesting look (eg a bright yellow and green thread featured on blue denim).

Other accessories featured in the shop will be computer laptop bags, using similar fabrics, briefcases, and handbags. Also a minimal amount of quality silver jewlery, sourced from either local jewlers or from the overseas programs to help bring 3rd world countries out of poverty. (eg. micro loan programs to help bring people out of poverty in 3rd world countries... Oxfams 'make poverty history' campaign..)

It will be an expensive and upmarket shop, the price indicitive of the quality of the product and the ethical nature of the business.

A manifesto will also be written on the wall of the shop and added to the swing tags to advertise the business objectives.

here is a sample of patterns and textures that will be added as feature fabric pannels... looks messy because they were drawn in lead pencil but would be crisper with colour added ... 

Some possible names so far are:

arctic cloud berry, cloudberries, violet sabrewing, skulk of foxes, ecogerm, butterfly rabble, cinnamon hummingbird, starthroat, SugarJam , Buried Tree, Tarnished Gold, Flooded Sky, urban wilderness,

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stacy said...

clear about the ethical intent. some info not clear - Define the products in the range, the fabrics, the patterns, imagery and image promoted. any other influences with art nouveau related like secession style or totally different. could be interesting to feature patterns of the third world countries you intent to get jewellery from. manifesto could also appear as a texture/ pattern (reduced opacity) on clothing tshirt etc. keep brainstorming i like cloudberry the best so far. any subcultural influences? you have described the base colours but what about the accent brighter colours? posting some pics would give client/ teacher a bit more of an idea of intent.