Monday, July 28, 2008

elliots good at parking wars

parking what ive got so far...i want my brand to be abit underground but seen to those who like my taste, yeah so not in every shop, more of a art clothing sort of thing... really try and expose alot of my drawings and art through it, in a few types of ways. . like mabie some ideas and drawings of creatures, broken house boxes, dress up characters, or angry scribbles, or just things that i go through that other people can relate too, and lay them out on shirts/jumpers/ cardigans/shoes/pants in some different ways compaired to other brands/designers. but still do some simple designs/prints the style of things ide like to do some cool long sleave jumpers with gloves attached to the hands or skeleton jumpsuits or just some weird shaped t's with art.... mainly guys fashion. but yeah ide like my brand to be like me and envolve things that i like. i think i like unusual things and hope with all my ideas and effort will stand out as elliots unique work...

the shop should be memorable, with a feature wall of curious , bizarre art!,and a neat layout of clothing racks in the shape of rectangles pointing towards the checkout. ide like about four not to large but large enough changing rooms, and a big mirror out side of them as well as the long mirrors inside each one. ide have a playlist of indie, alternative and experimental sort of bands to play melo in the backround.with all the clothing ide like a tag with my logo and a free poster of my art with my name brand at the last... the window ....rather than manaquins ill have creatures that ive made up, wearing my cloths in the window, and try and grab as much attention as i be different............. a couple names- tuff ghost , no news is good news , violent head, violence legs,curious, unconventional june...........still thinking

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