Thursday, July 24, 2008

Fiona's Street Wear


Audrey crazy's vintage dressing with the fabulousness of one part recycling plus posh designer revival.  It's a place where it's not uncommon to unearth an exquisite dance dress to wear with real seamed nylons or a quaint '40s day dress on each weekly forage.  It's once in a life time fabrics created into beautiful fashion.  It's chic, stylish and original.  The epitome of what we covet as gorgeous.  It's where uptown girls look comfortably cool downtown and where you can put your own spin onto iconic archetypes.  At Audrey Apple we say mix and clash your prints for interest....eclectic works best.  Simple shapes with lots of textures, patterns and prints.  It's also a place where you can offset sophisticated basics with quirky accessories.  It's where brass buttons and gilded bling become cool and chic.  Women who wear Audrey Apple have been blessed and bestowed with an innate sense of style that seems to be intrinsic.  Fabulous fashion should have no age limit.  Whether you are 18 or 88....timeless is for every lady.  The Audrey Apple store will be located on the beach front at currumbin in an old restored queenslander.  It has beautiful recycled timer floors and hanging has a big comfy chair and cow hide rug!!! Soft inviting music playing...i would love to have tables and chairs out the front (and an esspresso machine) so people can sit and enjoy...I think I'm going to run with the Audrey Apple name but here are some other ones that were floating around....Sally Says So/Lill & Rudy/Lills Locket/Altogether Audrey/Always Audrey/Daisy in a Season/Black a Miss/Lemonade Lill/Timpani/Audrey Star/Absolutely Audrey/Love Always Lill/Just Because/Lilac Lill/Bold that 20 yet!!!!!!!! 

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stacy said...

Is there a subcultural influence? eg 1950s cocktailing? mash up a few
i like the names always audrey and bold bohemia.
Are your target audience socially, pollitically or environmentally aware or indifferent?
Define the products in the range, the fabrics, the patterns, imagery and image promoted.
please tell me more about your colour palette and themes for fabrics and prints.
great description of shop clear vision!